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January 2018

Over the past few months, the Shadwell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been revising the draft plan in the light of examiners’ reports on other neighbourhood plans and following consultation with Leeds planning officers. We are aiming to get local community views soon on the revised policy intentions in a document setting out the evidence for the proposed policies and relating each to national and Leeds’ local policies. Following that, a further "pre-submission" draft Plan will be prepared for public consultation before an official submission to the Council, who will arrange the Examination.

It is essential that the Neighbourhood Plan can deliver on its policies and help fulfil the vision and objectives for Shadwell previously agreed. It must also conform to all the regulations and have the backing of the local community.  Before we get to the point of Examination there are several consultation and discussion processes, formal and informal, to go through, but it is hoped the Referendum on the Plan could be held mid-2019.