04/09/2012 SC Minutes


Minutes of Steering Group Meeting 04.09.12


Chair: Debbie Potter (DP) (SPC)

Present: Geoff Turnbull (SPC), Denise Simpson (SPC), Denise Trickett (SPC and Minutes) Robert Dyson (SPC), Rob Wilkinson, Andrew Birkbeck (LCC), Cllr Matthew Robinson, Helen Jordan, Cathryn Preston, Graham Smith, Nick Manaton, Robert Dyson, Steven Gee, Marcus Westmorland, Ian Halmshaw (IH), Alice Patt, George Crowther, Andy McKinley (AM), Kate McKinley, Jeremy Thompson.

Apologies: Frank Reynolds, Andy Watson.


Item 1 - Open the Meeting and accept apologies

Attendance and apologoes as above.


Item 2 - Minutes of the meeting 19.07.12



Item 3 - Matters arising

Andrew Birkbeck (AB) (LCC Localism Officer) presented a paper entitled ‘Feedback from discussions between Ian Mackay (LCC Planning Dept) and Andrew Birkbeck August 2012’. (previously circulated).

NP to be developed in line with Site Allocations DPD - all sites to be assessed by Steering Group using proforma. Sub Cmt to be set up (see 9)

NP to determine types of housing needed in future eg houses for young people, older people.

Walton Plan - AB to send feedback on Walton Plan to DP

DP to organise regular meetings with Ian Mackay over next few months.


Item 4 - Localism Officer update

Andy McKinley and George Crowther presented paper entitled ‘Shadwell Parish NP, Summary of Process’.

Sub committee to be appointed to decide who to contact eg Carter Jonas re Lady Elizabeth Hastings.

Cllr Robinson offered to share letter/survey that has been used in Scarcroft.

Andy McKinley and George Crowther to develop survey and feed into Ian Halmshaw (Communications)


Item 5 - Terms of Reference



Item 6 - Election of Officers

  • Chair of Steering Group - Debbie Potter, proposed by Robert Dyson, seconded by Helen Jordan
  • Vice Chair - George Crowther, proposed by Andy McKinley, seconded by Debbie Potter


Item 7 - Finance

Agreed to appoint Finance Cmt with own bank account. Parish Council allocated £500 initially and then to be reviewed. NP group is an independent group, however Parish Council will present plan to LCC. AB to confirm this.

Insurance appears not to be needed. AB to check this.

Cathy Preston (CP) to ask Alistair Preston if he is interested in being the accountant for the group. CP to feedback to DP.


Item 8 - Reports

  • Project Plan presented by Marcus Westmorland. Proposed NP take 8 - 12 months to produce.
  • Communications Plan (handout shared) presented by Ian Halmshaw.


Item 9 - Formation of sub committees.

  • Communications:
    • Ian Halmshaw
    • Steven Gee
    • Kate McKinley
    • George Crowther

  • IT Officer:
    • Steven Gee

  • SHLAA Site Assessment:
    • Rob Wilkinson
    • Alice Pratt
    • Marcus Westmorland
    • Andy McKinley
    • Graham Smith
    • Nick Manaton
    • Helen Jordan
    • Andrew Watson


Item 10 - Website

Steven Gee to update Steering Group on web site via email.


Item 11 - Flower Show

A5 information flyers to be distributed to all houses in Parish (Ian Halmshaw to organise).


Item 12 - AOB

  1. Possibility of Geography Dept at Leeds University helping with questionnaires. Robert Dyson to e mail AM with details.
  2. IH to e mail all leads that were recorded from Shadwell Show.


Item 13 - Date of next meeting

11 October 2012 8.00pm at Recreation Centre, Holywell Lane.