11/10/2012 SC Minutes




Present: CHAIR: Debbie Potter (DP), Denise Simpson (SPC), Denise Trickett (SPC and Minutes), Rob Wilkinson (RW), Helen Jordan (HJ), Graham Smith (GS), Nick Manaton (NM), Steven Gee (SG), Ian Halmshaw (IH), Alice Pratt (AP), Andy McKinley (AM), Jeremy Thompson (JT), Frank Reynolds (FR), Jamie Gadong (JG), Andrew Watson (AW).

Research Study: Katherine Brookfield (University Southampton)

Apologies: Marcus Westmorland, George Crowther


Item 1 - Open the meeting

Attendance and apologies as above.


Item 2 - Minutes of the last meeting



Item 3 - Matters arising (not covered on agenda)

Discussion on need for insurance.


  • DP to check with Parish Council Clerk if NP Steering Group is covered under PC Insurance


Item 4 - SHLAA Sites

RW updated on SHLAA sites visits. DP thanked the group for their work.

DP reported back on Extraordinary Parish Council meeting 11.10.12. Agreed to go forward with ‘green’ site, the former Cricket Field. All other sites to be identified as ‘red’.


  • RW to minute and send to SG
  • DP to forward decision to Ward Cllrs.


Item 5 - Feedback on LCC NP Event 8.10.12

Report given by GS.

Information on pilot areas, Kippax and Holbeck, on LCC NP website.

Exeter St James on www. exeterstjamesforum.org

Minutes of NP to be incorporated into PC minutes

Permanent display in the Library.


  • JT to follow up ‘The A Book on Planning’ from Leeds University as used by Kippax
  • All to look at exeterstjamesforum.org.
  • DP to put minutes on Village notice board.


Item 6 - Declaration of Interest Forms

All completed


Item 7 - Finance

Bank Account to be opened at Barclays


  • DP to get appropriate form.


Item 8 - Communications Sub Cmt

IH reported on Action Plan to include:

Newsletter to all who expressed interest at Flower Show

Leaflet delivered to all households in Parish by end Oct, to be put on Village Notice Board

Cllr Robinson to send letter to all households at his expense

Draft questionnaire being prepared - to bring back Nov meeting

Every meeting to minute own meetings. Audit trial by JG

Identified local businesses etc - generic letter

Shadwell News - monthly update

Shadwell PC website regular updates


  • All to support leafletting
  • DP to contact Cllr Robinson to see if he will send out
  • IH to contact Lesley Beales


Item 9 - Formation of Sub Committees

To be put on next agenda after questionnaire devised.


Item 10 - Website

Report by SG

Updated regularly. Minutes included etc

36 unique visitors (mainly after Flower Show), 5 Facebook Friends, 2 following on Twitter

JG taking over Google Drive


Item 11 - Update on liaison with surrounding parishes.

DP reported on meetings with Harewood. No sites submitted as yet.

Meeting Scarcroft 23rd Oct, Thorner date to be arranged.


  • DP to arrange meeting.


Item 12 - Meeting with possible volunteers


  • DP and GC to meet volunteers from Flower Show.


Item 13 - AOB

  1. RW brought up Local Green Areas and where they are? To consider when look at protected areas.
  2. FW will take photos of village to accumulate resources
  3. Katherine Brookfield from Southampton University introduced herself and the research work she is doing on NP. Research funded by Planning Exchange Foundation
  4. DP suggested we begin to draft the document


  • DP to get Walton document from Andy Birkback. DP to ask Robert Dyson to write brief history of Shadwell.


Item 14 - Next meeting

8th November 8pm Recreation Centre