03/09/2019 SC Minutes


Meeting held at 5 pm on Tuesday, 3 September 2019
At Shadwell Library, Main Street, Shadwell


P R E S E N T: Debbie Potter, Chair
  Helen Jordan
  Nick Manaton
  Denise Trickett
In attendance: Peter Baker
  Abbie Miladinovic

Item 1 – Apologies for absence

Apologies from Emma Stapleton, Ian Halmshaw, Jeremy Thompson

Item 2 – To agree minutes

Minutes from 30 April 2019 were agreed.

Item 3 – Declaration of Interests

Forms have been received from most members, any outstanding will be chased up.

Item 4 – Recent meeting with local Landowner

A meeting was held in August with the City Council, local landowner and his 2 representatives, DP, DT and Peter Baker. The various options which were raised at that meeting were discussed:-

  1. Reconsider the possibility of allocating green belt land for housing.
    1. Take up the suggestion of organising a special public meeting/event at which all landowners who have submitted proposals during the SAP consultation could present their proposals, showing how development on their land could benefit Shadwell.
    2. Continue with no allocated sites and the current policy that any development should be within the village envelope.

  2. Include a requirement for a future review of the NP following a review of the SAP in 2023.
    1. Accept proposal that the NP commits to a review in 2023 when the SAP is being reviewed, including a requirement for 1.a to be initiated at that time.
    2. Amend NP to include a statement that, should the SAP review result in the allocation of land within the NP area, the NP’s policies would also be reviewed at that time.

  3. Continue with the NP unchanged.

It was decided that option 4.1.b remained the appropriate option, but that the NP would also be amended in line with option 4.2.b.

Item 5 – Update from Peter Baker.

Peter has produced a draft consultation statement. AM has made suggestions on amendments to this. PB will circulate to JT and DP initially.

Members were asked to forward to PB the documentation they have concerning the various stages of the production of the plan – he will provide a list.

The Conservation Area is still to be approved. AM will chase this with Phil Ward.

Non-designated Heritage Assets are shown in an appendix. It was thought that examiners would allow this inclusion following recent government involvement.

It was noted that the Lodge on Roundhay Park Lane has been demolished and will be removed from the Heritage Assets.

The Basic Conditions Statement has been finished.

Outstanding work by PB should be completed by the time the CA is adopted.

Item 6 – Any Other Business

AM will provide a list of Examiners. LCC apply to ‘Referral Body’ and Examiners are invited to submit their applications. LCC will offer 3 options to the Parish Council

AM will produce a list of ‘sifted out’ sites for PB.

Item 7 – Date of next meeting

To be arranged.