18/02/2020 SC Minutes


Meeting held at 7 pm on Tuesday, 18 February 2020
At Shadwell Library, Main, Shadwell


P R E S E N T: Jeremy Thompson , Chair
  Ian Halmshaw
  Debbie Potter
  Helen Jordan
  Nick Manaton
  Denise Trickett
In attendance: Peter Baker

Item 1 – Apologies for absence

Apologies from Emma Stapleton, Norman Taylor, Abbie Miladinovic. DP agreed to take minutes.

Item 2 – To agree minutes

Minutes from 3 September 2019 were agreed.

Item 3 – Declaration of Interests

No additional declarations.

Item 4 – To consider and approve the Submission Documents

The submission documents had been previously circulated to the Steering Group by Peter Baker. Some minor amendments were noted.

Peter informed the meeting that the NP has been amended to include a statement that, should the City Council’s review of the Site Allocations in 2023 result in allocation of land within the NP area, then the NP policies would be reviewed at that time.

It was agreed unanimously that the Submission Documents should be passed to the Parish Council for its approval.

Item 5 – Submission Process

  1. Pass the documents to the PC. Full, and most recent versions of all documents to be sent to the Clerk. Action: PB
  2. Once agreed, the PC to follow guidance from Leeds City Council for the remaining steps.

During the Consultation period there may be some comments, or points raised, to which the SG may be asked to contribute, and the Examiner may have questions to be clarified. In due course a report will be produced. The SG may be asked to help to check facts. The Examiner’s final report will be published.

After any necessary modifications have been made, the Referendum will be held.

Item 6 - To consider a preferred Examiner

The options of choice of Examiner were explained by PB.

Item 7 – Any Other Business

Other local NP referendums, in particular the recent Wetherby one, were discussed. It was resolved to be guided by AM and the City Council about the appropriate procedure for the Shadwell NP referendum.

The possibility of postal votes was raised. Advice will be sought.

Item 8 - Next Meeting

This will be arranged as and when required.

These Minutes were agreed unanimously by the SG.