11/09/2018 SC Agenda


Meeting to be held at 8pm, Tuesday, 11 September 2018

At the Library, Main Street, Shadwell.


  1. To open the meeting, accept apologies for absence, and seek a volunteer to write the draft Minutes, based on previous Minutes documents.

  2. To agree the Minutes from 24 July 2018, and briefly discuss any updates relating to those minutes.

  3. To briefly discuss the possible need for a GDPR statement to add to the proposed consultation documents, the web feedback form, and paper versions of the same.

  4. JT. Holywell Triangle CAA update. The draft document is now generally acceptable, in terms of form and content, to the Conservation Officer, and is now appropriate for informal consultation with Ward and Parish Councillors. Replies from them are now awaited.

  5. JT. The Parish Council newsletter brief item was sent in on 9 August, in time for publication.

  6. PB, and possibly AM.
    • To discuss the pre-submission issues and “to-do list”.
    • Flyer, or short summary of the Plan, and an invitation to attend the open meeting on 20 October. To be produced for the proposed letterbox drop to all households in the NP area, and to upload to the website.
    • Also, to decide when to upload the most recent draft of the Plan to the website.
    • To discuss details of the proposed web page and paper reply form, and how to handle responses.
    • To discuss and plan the open meeting. Display materials, volunteers etc.

  7. Any other business?

  8. To consider the date of next meeting, which is dependent on the requirements of the consultation exercise.