22/11/2018 SC Agenda


Meeting to be held at 8pm Thursday 22 November 2018.

HJ to kindly host.


  1. To open the meeting, accept apologies for absence, and seek a volunteer to write the Minutes, based on previous Minutes documents.

  2. To agree the Minutes from 15 October 2018, and briefly discuss any updates relating to those Minutes.

  3. Update about the Public Open Day, which was very well supported by local people, and also our three Ward Councillors, and our MP, Alec Shelbrooke.

  4. PB and AM. To discuss the PB-collated responses by Leeds City Council, other statutory bodies and all public comments and feedback received by the various methods, from the 6-week Public Consultation to the Shadwell Pre-submission draft Plan. PB’s collated document, highlighting which issues need further discussion, will be circulated prior to the meeting.

  5. Any other business?

  6. To consider whether or not there is a need to plan any further meetings this year, and PB to explain the remaining stages.