30/04/2019 SC Agenda


Meeting to be held at 8pm Tuesday 30 April 2019

At Shadwell Library.


  1. To open the meeting, accept apologies for absence, and seek a volunteer to write the Minutes, based on previous Minutes documents.

  2. To agree the Minutes from 22 November 2018, and briefly discuss any updates relating to those Minutes.

  3. Consider the Action List from JTs email of 5 March 2019. Progress and updates.

  4. Consider the Shadwell NP Submission Draft V1 document. Comments, and approve if possible.

  5. Basic Conditions Statement, (as distributed) to consider and approve if possible.

  6. A Consultation Statement is needed. To discuss.

  7. Holywell Triangle Conservation Area Assessment. Progress update, and reason for delay.

  8. Any other business?

  9. Is it possible and necessary to arrange a further meeting.