04/10/2012 CSC Minutes


Meeting held 04/10/2012



In Attendance: Steve Gee, George Crowther, Kate McKinlay, Ian Halmshaw


Agreed Agenda

  1. The parameters and scope of the communications sub-committee
  2. Setting out action plan based on defined parameters
  3. AOB
  4. Minutes


Item 1 – The Parameters of the committee

There was some general discussion about the perceived parameters of the committee. It was noted that at the last steering committee meeting, IH had produced a detailed document entitled ‘communications plan’. It was agreed that in reality this was more of an audit trial type document. It was agreed that the primary purpose of the Communications Committee must be to communicate outwards with the village. To this end it was agreed that we believed our scope should not include keeping an audit trail of any activities other than our own. We would keep minutes etc. of our own activities which we would then pass onto the designated person(s)/committee responsible for record keeping.

We agreed our scope should include all aspects of communication with relevant parties/bodies/ the village as a whole. The rest of the meeting was conducted on this basis.


Item 2 - Action Plan

The following actions were identified as priority jobs

  1. Putting up posters in key sites in the village
  2. 1st Newsletter to email addresses generated from Flower show
  3. Mass comprehensive leaflet drop throughout the village
  4. Follow up letter from Councillor Matthew Robinson
  5. Drafting Questionnaire
  6. Engaging with non-represented groups on the steering committee eg landowners, businesses, developers
  7. Liaising with other local and especially adjacent parish councils/ neighbourhood plan steering committees
  8. Identifying a postal address for the Committee


Putting up Posters

KSM agreed to distribute posters/leaflets on public noticeboards throughout the village eg. Village shop, library, village hall, Shadwell Primary School, Shadwell Childcare, St Paul’s by mid October. SG agreed to speak to Parish website designer to incorporate a link to SNP website. It was agreed that an advert in Shadwell News was worth exploring. IH agreed to see if he could produce A4 versions of leaflets.



IH and SG agreed to produce a draft e-Newsletter to send out to email addresses obtained at flower show. IH to circulate prior to 8/10 so as to have agreed document to present at steering committee meeting.


Mass Leaflet Drop

It was agreed that the leaflets used at flower show were suitable for a mass letterbox drop throughout the village. Last week of October agreed as appropriate timescale. Agreed to make use of volunteers where necessary.


Follow up letter from Councillor Matthew Robinson

It was agreed that the leaflet drop could be followed fairly shortly after with LCC letter from Matthew Robinson. GC to email councillor asap to get copy of letter used by Scarcroft for amendment.



Some lengthy discussion about the questionnaire. Needs to be comprehensive i.e cover all the issues. Agreed that it a job for comms committee to produce first draft to present at November meeting with intention of final draft being approved at Dec meeting. Agreed a letter drop some-time in January was target and in any event after Christmas at the earliest. Set a meeting for 25th October to develop questionnaire. Venue and time TBC. Following principles identified:

  1. Needs to be simple and short
  2. Needs a preamble which encourages receiver to fill in on behalf of whole family not just themselves. Consult family directly especially children, young adults who are otherwise poorly represented


Liaising with Landowners etc

This needs to be done in writing so have a record of approaching them. Agreed to draft a generic letter that we can distribute to identified landowners, business owners and developers. KSM to enquire whether a letter that used originally that can be reused and/or whether have some official letterhead /artwork that could be used. KSM to draft letter if necessary.

  • Landowners identified:
    1. Lady Hasting Trust
    2. Gilpins
    3. Robert and Heather Hill?
    4. Mr Savage (Fish and Chip shop)

  • Businesses identified
    1. School
    2. Shadwell Childcare
    3. St Pauls Church
    4. The Red Lion
    5. Post Office
    6. Dry Cleaner (Flair?)
    7. Wolinksi’s nursery (and the other one)
    8. Hair dresser
    9. Wedding dress shop
    10. Garside shop

  • Developer: Don Little, Gateland Lane


Communications with other wards

Agenda item for steering committee. Any volunteers to attend NP meeting for each adjacent ward and take notes /collect minutes and pass on our info.


Comms/SNP Postal Address

IH volunteered his address for communications matters including returning of questionnaire.


The meeting concluded.