12/06/2012 SC Minutes


Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Chaired: Debbie Potter SPC

PRESENT:      Robert Dyson SPC, Denise Simpson SPC,Ian and Helen Halmshaw, Marcus Westmorland, Steve Gee, Andy Mckinlay, George Crowther, Rob Wilkinson, Andrew Watson, Helen Jordan, Ashley Serr, Nick Manaton, Jeremy Thompson.

In Attendance              Neighbourhood Planning volunteer helpers

                                Breeda Columb,Scarcroft representative

Apologies:                 Andrew Birkbeck, Localism Officer LCC, Frank Reynolds


ITEM 1 - Chairman opened the meeting and gave an overview of the history of Neighbourhood Planning and how the decision to undertake a Neighbourhood Plan had been taken.


ITEM 2 - The Steering Group volunteers introduced themselves and detailed any skills which may help with the process. Email addresses will be circulated throughout the Group

Action: Denise Simpson


ITEM 3 - Scarcroft Representative gave overview of Scarcroft Neighbourhood Plan details.



Alison Hayes volunteered to help with administration. Further administration support will be required. A volunteer (Sue Jeffries) had given her name at the open meeting.

Action: Debbie Potter to contact Sue Jeffries

NB : Denise Trickett has offered to take minutes at the meetings of the Steering Group.



Website: Steve Gee will set up Website for the group.

Project Plan: Marcus Westmorland volunteered to develop this.

Communications: Ian Halmshaw volunteered to look into this and develop a time line.

Document Review: A sub committee (to be formed) would be required to review the significant number of documents already in existence.

Process: Andy McKinley, George Crowther,Rob Wilkinson, Andrew Watson

Headings to be discussed were Amenities – Housing – Design - Structure needed – Assets

It was agreed that the Sub Committees would meet before the September meeting to progress the development of the Plan.



The Chairman was asked how the process would be funded. There will be on-going expenses, such as stationery, postage, printing, etc. This will be taken up at the August Parish Council meeting. It is expected the Parish Council will fund this but may require some control.



Consultants: Jeremy Thompson suggested that a professional consultant was required and that we should look into companies who may offer this service, suggesting Peter Baker and Tony Ray. The Chairman explained that the vast majority of groups setting up NPs did not have professional help, that the Localism Officer has stated that it was unnecessary at this time (although later on in the process it will be required), and that the cost of this would be prohibitive. It was also agreed that we do not know what help, if any, is required.

Jeremy is to find out costs for an overview plan.

Helen Jordan highlighted the need to engage the whole village, and also the need to include businesses and landowners in the Steering Group.

Flower Show: A presence at the Flower Show on 18 August was discussed. Debbie Potter to ascertain whether there would be space for an NP stand.

Reading: It was agreed all should read the Leeds Neighbourhood Planning Guidance: June 2012.



 (Please note some of these have been altered)

 Future meetings –           Tuesday, 4 September

                               Thursday, 11 October

                               Thursday, 8 November

                               Thursday,29 November

 All to be held at 8.00 pm in the Recreational Hut, Holywell Lane

 Meeting closed 9.20 p.m