08/11/2012 SC Minutes

Shadwell Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

The Recreational Centre, Holywell Lane

Date: 08/11/12


Present: Debbie Potter, George Crowther, Jeremy Thompson, Helen Jordan, Ian Halmshaw, Graham Smith, Rob Wilkinson, Alice Pratt, Andy McKinlay, Kate McKinley, Frank Raynolds.

Apologies: Robert Dyson, Andrew Watson, Denise Simpson, Denise Trickett, Marcus Westmorland, Steve Gee, Nick Manaton, Jamie Gadong.


Item 1 - To open meeting and accept apologies for Absence

As above.


Item 2 - Minutes of the meeting held on 11 October 2012. (Previously circulated)

Minutes accepted, but it was noted that there is the out standing matter that they need to be posted on the village notice board and in the library.

Matters arising from the minutes – The committee were to review the Exeter St James Village Plan. Not many of those present had done this, but it was generally felt that this plan was very well laid out, had a striking and professional presentation and was very good at involving the community at all stages.


Item 3 - Matters arising not covered elsewhere on the agenda



Item 4 - Conflict of Interest: To ensure all have completed the form.

Declaration of interest forms are now all completed and need to be collated. GC will do this before the next meeting.


Item 5 - SHLAA Sites

DP attended the North East Area Forum Meeting. On the agenda was the SHLAA allocation: 80% of sites have been accepted and 20% remain disputed. It was also reported that there are more sites needed. The council will not be consulting with the steering committee about this remaining SHLAA allocation, which was frustrating news for all present.

Developers are also looking at sites in our area for potential development. No time scale has been given for this.

The take home message form this meeting was that more than ever, a neighbourhood plan is crucial for ensuring a degree of parish autonomy.


Item 6 - Clifford Open Day

Clifford open day attended by JT. At this open day, which was noted to be extremely professional, there were 12 people answering questions, displays of the SHLAA sites, a draft plan, a synopsis of the history of the area, and copies of their surveys and SWOT board. It was noted that they have produced a very professional questionnaire and this was designed with professional help (available within their own steering committee). Clifford have kindly given Shadwell permission to use parts of their questionnaire without charge.

It was noted that the word ‘Development’ had been deliberately removed from the Clifford questionnaire as this is perceived to be threatening. It was felt that this would be a good word to remove (where possible) form our questionnaire.

DP – The questionnaire release date should if possible coincide with our open day to improve return rates.


Item 7 - Village Questionnaire – IH

A questionnaire has been designed by the Communications Sub Committee. This questionnaire has been circulated to all members of the steering committee for consultation. It was noted that the 5 members of the communications committee did not have a wealth of experience in designing questionnaires and were not representative of the Parish therefore as much comment and advice as possible on this was invited.

The questionnaire was scrutinised by all present and a considerable amount of changes were made, which IH and KM are actioning.

The questionnaire will be finalised at the next meeting (29th November) circulated to all members of the committee by the 22nd November and printed before Christmas for distribution in the new year.

Councillor Robinson will be asked to send his letter out before the questionnaire is circulated rather than with it. This will raise awareness before the questionnaire is distributed.

The question was raised about where completed questionnaires be returned to once filled in? DP to confirm.

The question was raised - how many questionnaires should be given to each household? Should it be one per house or one per person over the voting age per house? If it is the latter, the electoral register should be used as a source of information (to calculate the number needed per house). DP to speak to Andrew Birkbeck for advice on this.

To raise awareness of the up and coming questionnaire it should be announced in the parish news letter.


Item 8 - Finance

HJ to open bank account. DP and IH to be other signatories


Item 9 - Communications Sub Committee

The communications committee has sent an email to all who expressed an interest.


Item 10 - Formation of Sub-Committees

None to be assigned.


Item 11 - To receive update on Website (Steve Gee)

7 people have registered with the website since the last meeting. 52 Unique visitors to the website since last meeting. 8 new facebook friends. 6 twitter followers.

The following topics have been added to the forum: Area protection, new housing design, health and recreation, community facilities, places of worship, education, business, transport and access. It is felt we need more participation and advertising of the website.


Item 12 - Update on liaison with surrounding Parishes

DP has met will all the surrounding parishes now.

Thorner are putting forward 0 houses and the school is full.

Scarcroft is putting forward approximately 80 houses and also would like school places.

Harewood are still to advise on their intentions.

Shadwell school are full and have a waiting list currently. They would be unable to increase in size with out a new building.


Item 13 - Update on meeting with possible volunteers

No meeting has been held yet, one will be held when there are tasks to be completed by the volunteers.


Item 14 - Insurance

As per email sent 23rd October by DP entitled ‘Query on Policy’, this issue has now been resolved to the satisfaction of the group.


Item 15 - Drafting of Document

RW has drafted a document based on Walton NP, this has been circulated to the whole committee via email.


Item 16 - Any other business

HJ has reviewed the Accident Analysis from the Leeds Neighbourhood Index. This was a large document and it was felt that there were no areas of concern for Shadwell, but this document be a very useful resource for analysis in the future.

KM – We should organise a brain storm at the next meeting on ways to better engage the whole village.


Item 17 - Date of next meeting